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Magnet wire is a metallic conductor insulated with a varnish and generally used for electrical applications. Most times it is wound in different shapes of coils to generate magnetic force for motors, transformers, magnets etc. Shenzhou cable produces over 30,000 different types of magnet wire with the most important differences of characteristics as follows:

Copper is the standard used conductor material with excellent conductivity and very good windability. For low weight and larger diameters Aluminum sometimes can be used. Because of the difficult contacting of Aluminum wire with problems of oxidation. Copper Clad Aluminum can help to compromise between Copper and Aluminum.

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IEC 60317(GB/T6109)

The Tech & Specification parameters of our company’s wires are in international unit system, with the unit of millimeter (mm). If use American Wire Gauge (AWG) and British Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) , the following table is a comparison table for your reference.

The most special dimension can be customized as per the requirements of customers.


Precautions for use USAGE NOTICE

1. Please refer to the product introduction to select the appropriate product model and specification to avoid the failure to use due to the inconsistent characteristics.

2. When receiving the goods, confirm the weight and whether the outer packing box is crushed, damaged, dented or deformed; In the process of handling, it should be handled with care to avoid vibration to make the cable fall down as a whole, resulting in no thread head, stuck wire and no smooth setting out.

3. During storage, pay attention to protection, prevent from being bruised and crushed by metal and other hard objects, and prohibit mixed storage with organic solvent, strong acid or alkali. The unused products should be wrapped tightly and stored in the original package.

4. The enameled wire should be stored in a ventilated warehouse away from dust (including metal dust). Direct sunlight is prohibited to avoid high temperature and humidity. The best storage environment is: temperature ≤50 ℃ and relative humidity ≤ 70%.

5. When removing the enameled spool, hook the right index finger and middle finger to the upper end plate hole of the reel, and hold the lower end plate with the left hand. Do not touch the enameled wire directly with your hand.

6. During the winding process, the spool should be put into the pay off cover as far as possible to avoid wire damage or solvent pollution; In the process of paying off, the winding tension should be adjusted according to the safety tension table, so as to avoid wire breakage or wire elongation caused by excessive tension, and at the same time, avoid wire contact with hard objects, resulting in paint film damage and poor short circuit.

7. Pay attention to the concentration and amount of solvent (methanol and anhydrous ethanol are recommended) when bonding the solvent bonded self-adhesive line, and pay attention to the adjustment of the distance between the hot air pipe and the mold and the temperature when bonding the hot melt bonded self-adhesive line.

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