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Self-adhesive wire is a layer of self-adhesive coating coated on enameled wire such as polyurethane, polyester or polyester imide. The self-adhesive layer can generate bonding characteristics through high temperature hot air. The winding wire becomes a self-adhesive tight coil through the bonding action of the self-adhesive layer. In some applications, it can eliminate skeleton, tape, dip paint, etc., and reduce the coil volume and processing cost. The company can be based on a variety of insulation paint layer and self-adhesive layer combination of a variety of self-adhesive wire, at the same time we can also provide different conductor materials of self-adhesive wire, such as copper clad aluminum,pure copper, aluminum,  Please select the suitable wire according to the usage.

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Hot air self-adhesive

Hot air self-adhesive is by blowing hot air on the wire during the winding process. The temperature of the hot air at the windings is typically between 120 °C and 230 °C, depending on the wire diameter, winding speed, and the shape and size of the windings. This method works for most applications.





2、Stable and easy to process

3、Easy to automate

Not suitable for thick lines

Tool pollution

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