There are many kinds of enamelled wires. Although their quality characteristics are different due to various factors, they also have some similarities. Let’s look at the manufacturer of enamelled wire.
The early enamelled wire was an oily enamelled wire made of tung oil. Due to its poor wear resistance of paint film, it can not be directly used to manufacture motor coils and windings, so cotton yarn wrapping layer should be added when using. Later, polyvinyl formal enamelled wire appeared. Because of its good mechanical properties, it can be directly used in motor windings, so it is called high-strength enamelled wire. With the development of weak current technology, self-adhesive enamelled wire appears again, and the coil with good integrity can be obtained without dip coating and baking. However, its mechanical strength is poor, so it can only be used for micro and special motors and small motors. Until later, with the improvement of people’s aesthetics, colorful enamelled wires appeared.

Enamelled wire is the main type of winding wire, which is usually composed of conductor and insulating layer. After annealing and softening, the bare wire is painted and baked for many times. However, it is not easy to produce products that meet both standard requirements and customer requirements. It will be affected by the quality of raw materials, process parameters, production equipment, environment and other factors, so the quality characteristics of various enamelled wires are different, but they all have four properties: mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties and thermal properties.

Post time: Mar-14-2022