August, 2005 – January, 2006

Planning, preparation and establishment of the company


January 2006

Suzhou Wujiang Shenzhou Bimetallic Cable Co., Ltd Founded


August 2006

The transition to specialize in the production of copper-clad aluminum enamelled wire


December 2007

The first enterprise in China to pass the Export Quality License of CCA enamelled wire


December 2008

Production of derived upstream copper clad aluminum Masterbatch


January 2009

Obtain the production license of round copper winding wire


December 2010

High tech enterprises certified by the Provincial Department of science and technology


May 2011

Wujiang Shenzhou machinery factory was established


August 2011

The R & D project has obtained the project certificate of the national torch plan


March 2012

Suzhou Huakuang Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established


July 2014

Suzhou Jinghao Bimetallic Cable Co., Ltd. was established


November 2014

The first domestic enterprise to pass the UL certification of the United States


July 2015

Layout supporting pure enameled aluminum wire production


December 2016

Obtain the honor of Enterprise Technology Center issued by Suzhou Municipal People’s government



Suqian Shenzhou Electric Co., Ltd was set up



Awarded as Suzhou specialized and new enterprise cultivation project


May 2020

Suqian Shenzhou Electric Co., Ltd. began production and operation


September 2020

First authorization of intellectual property rights declared by Shenzhou Electric Co.


December 2020

Shenzhou Electric Co. won the industrial transformation award of Siyang County


March 2021

Yichun Shenyue Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded, specializing in producing copper enameled wire and copper self bonding wire

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