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In the first half of the last century, the range of litz wire usage was consistent with the technology level of the day. For example, in 1923 the first medium frequency radio broadcast was made possible by litz wires in the coils. In the 1940′s litz wire was used in the first ultrasonic diagnostic systems and basic RFID systems. In the 1950′s litz wire was used in USW chokes. With the explosive growth of new electronic components in the second half of the 20th century, litz wire usage also expanded rapidly.

SHENZHOU began to supply of high frequency litz wires in 2006 to meet increasing customer demand for innovative quality products. Since the beginning, SHENZHOU CABLE has demonstrated an active partnership with its customers in joint development of new and innovative litz wire solutions. This close customer support continues today with new litz wire applications in the fields of renewable energy, e-mobility, and medical technologies being developed for use in future products.

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Basic Litz Wire

Basic litz wires are bunched in one or several steps. For more stringent requirements, it serves as the base for serving, extruding, or other functional coatings.


Litz wires consist of multiple rope like bunched single insulated wires and are used in a wide range of applications requiring good flexibility and high frequency performance.

High frequency litz wires are produced using multiple single wires electrically isolated from each other and are typically used in applications operating within a frequency range of 10 kHz to 5 MHz.

In the coils, which are the magnetic energy storage of the application, eddy current losses occur due to the high frequencies. Eddy current losses increase with the frequency of the current. The root of these losses is the skin effect and proximity effect, which can be reduced by using high frequency litz wire. The magnetic field which causes these effects is compen-sated for by the twisted bunching con-struction of the litz wire.

Single Wire

The basic component of a litz wire is the single insulated wire. Conductor material and enamel insulation can be combined in an optimum way to meet the demands of specific applications.


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