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Bare pure copper wire 99.99% for electrical wiring making, lectric Cable, Electric Wire, Electrical Appliance, Electronic, Communication, Monitor Line,Transformer, Speaker Coils, Voice Coil, Audio Equipment,Headset,  Lamp, Fiber-optic Cable etc.

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Bared Copper Wire Tech & Specification

Product Name 


Diameters available  [mm] Min - Max


Density  [g/cm³] Nom


Conductivity [S/m * 106]


IACS  [%] Nom


Temperature-Coefficient [10-6/K] Min - Max
of electrical resistance


Elongation (1)[%] Nom


Tensile strength (1)[N/mm²] Nom


Outer metal by volume[%] Nom


Outer metal by weight[%] Nom





Very high conductivity, good tensile strength, high elongation, excellent windability, good weldability and solderability


1. Parallel double core telephone line ccodudor;

2. Computer Bureau[bjuereu] LAN access network cables the field cable conductor material

3. Medical equipment and equipment of the cable ccodudor materials

4.Aviation, spacecraft cable and cable material

5.High temperature electron line conductor material

6. Automobile and motorcycle special cable inner conductor

7.Inner conductor of a coaxial cable surface braided shielding wire

Note: Always use all the best safety practices and pay attention to the safety guidelines of the winder or other equipment manufacturer.

Precautions for use USAGE NOTICE

1. Please refer to the product introduction to select the appropriate product model and specification to avoid the failure to use due to the inconsistent characteristics.

2. When receiving the goods, confirm the weight and whether the outer packing box is crushed, damaged, dented or deformed; In the process of handling, it should be handled with care to avoid vibration to make the cable fall down as a whole, resulting in no thread head, stuck wire and no smooth setting out.

3. During storage, pay attention to protection, prevent from being bruised and crushed by metal and other hard objects, and prohibit mixed storage with organic solvent, strong acid or alkali. The unused products should be wrapped tightly and stored in the original package.

4. The enameled wire should be stored in a ventilated warehouse away from dust (including metal dust). Direct sunlight is prohibited to avoid high temperature and humidity. The best storage environment is: temperature ≤50 ℃ and relative humidity ≤ 70%.

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