The Benefit of CCA Wire for Your Network

CCA cable is an acronym for copper-clad aluminum cable. CCA wires use copper-coated aluminum conductors. This process leads to lower manufacturing costs, resulting in higher profits in sales. As a result, it brings a lot of business benefits to suppliers as compared to peers who sell actual copper equivalents. But, as with all kinds of business ideas, one side is always hurt. Let's take a look at the CCA cable's meaning to the user and you as a buyer. What is the problem for people trying to build a network, whether for personal or commercial purposes?

The use of various standard IEC and CENELEC cable development in different types of networks also prohibits the use of CCA lines in twisted pair network cables. Therefore, if under such a banner, any CCA wire transfer will be immediately rejected. 3P is an organization that provides third-party testing for industry-standard cable use and avoids the use of CCA lines in twisted-pair networks. Copper and copper CCA cables can not meet the requirements. As a CAT5e and CAT6 network cable supplier, CCA manufacturers and suppliers must conduct business evaluations based on merchandise sales.

As mentioned above, CAT5e and CAT6 jumper cables based on CCA wires will never match the original. This is mainly due to the following questions:

Aluminum and steel have higher resistance than copper. Therefore, the use of CCA lines in Cat5e jumpers and CAT6 jumper cables will result in significant data loss. This will eventually lead to slow data.

While many importers have provided a large number of these CCA wire patches, there is no evidence that they will not show the above problems in the future. Experts believe that these issues will become more apparent as organizations begin to upgrade their networks to gigabit or may implement PoE.

So you as a customer should acknowledge these issues. Not everything is equal. You must take the initiative to ask you for the quality of the CAT5e or CAT6 cable you purchased. Remember, if it is cheap, that does not mean it will be better.

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