Company Profile

Since 2006 SHENZHOU has focused on the development production of enameled copper clad aluminum(A)wire. Now has a copper adding aluminum equipment, drawing equipment, enameling equipment more than 200 units(sets) including more than 30 enameling production lines, with full set of te sting equipment more than 30sets including high precision of dielectic loss instrument Since 2008, all the company operating process has been running under ERP resource management system everyprocess and record is under strict control. Standardized production, inspection, management system ensure the stability of high quality produts. Since 2009, SHENZHOU hasset up copper lading aluminum workshop. The quality of bare CA wire become much more stable and reliable From 2011, SHENZHOU has set up mechanical equipment company for ename ing machine. Thus has expanded much further to enamelling machine and enamelling technology. Shenzhou machinery

equipment is well know as lowenergy consumption high stability, high output.


At present, SHENZHOU has set one complete control system in quipment, CCA raw material, and enamelling wire production. The capacity of enameled copper cladding aluminum wire and enameled aluminum wire reaches more than 750 tons/month, capacity of bare copper clad aluminium wire reaches more than 600 tons/month SHENZHOU is the largest and most professional copper clad aluminum manufacturer produc ts are e ported to Taiwan Hong Kong, the Middle East Southeast Asia, and Europe and the Uni ted States and other countries with its stable product quality and strong production output and sales capacity.

SHENZHOU is the first one which obtained export quality cense for named copper ad aluminum wire in 2008, and in 2010 got high-tech enterprises Tte in Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Province private science and technology enterprises SHENZHOU has got the ISO9001-2008 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system ert fication And in 20 14 after more than one and half year of product certification.

SHEZHOU has got UL cert fication for the products of enameled CCA wire, aluminium wire and copper wire. Thus customers can use our products for European and American market. At present, SHENZHOU develops fast and stable with its continuous stable product quality.

Why Choose SZ

More than 20 national patent products

Passed UL, SGS authoritative certification, ISO9001 standard production management

15-year enameled wire strength factory, ERP system operation, MES production system real-time monitoring to ensure that the product is the same inside and outside

Own own enamelled machine production plant, 100% equipment is running without failure, and production capacity is guaranteed

Raw materials cooperation of well-known brands and listed companies, consistent quality

More than 1,000 tons of inventory, more than 40,000 square meters of production base, more than 50 production equipment

Settled in 1688 fourteen years of strength manufacturers